Training and supervision in delivering Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)

IMG_1417Following the AVIGuk-accredited 2 day (or equivalent) Initial Training Course (ITC), trainees embark on supervised VIG practice with their clients. There are three stages of training, usually completed within 1-2 years, which lead to full accreditation as an independent VIG practitioner. Each stage begins with a training session and concludes with a transition or accreditation meeting. (There is a further stage available for those who wish to train to become a VIG supervisor.) Trainees find they can make a positive difference for their clients from the very start of their supervised practice.

Training in VIG is carried out by supervisors who are accredited by and registered with the Association of Video Interaction Guidance UK.

VIG Orkney only employs AVIGuk-accredited VIG guiders, trainers and supervisors.