vig-bookamazon-order This book is the first to offer a comprehensive introduction to Video Interaction Guidance (VIG), together with an accessible account of the strands of theory and research underpinning the approach. It provides a much needed resource for both practitioners and trainers in the fields of psychology, social work and education. Connections with other perspectives and approaches are explored and encouraged in a book that is likely to inspire further development and research in VIG, as well as stimulating interest and engagement more broadly among practitioners.” 
— Professor Norah Frederickson, Director, Educational Psychology Group, Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London, UK


verp-bookamazon-order Video Enhanced Reflective Practice is a dynamic ‘complex and creative dance’ in Landor, Kennedy and Todd’s hands. They tell how videos create challenging ‘retrospective mirrors’, bringing practitioners face to face with themselves and previously unperceived elements, including unfounded assumptions. Hard questions are asked, helping practitioners develop greater understanding, trust in, and respect for, themselves and their clients.” 
— Gillie Bolton, PhD, author of Reflective Practice Writing and Professional Development, 4th Edition (Sage, 2014)

Books and chapters

  • Video Interaction Reflective Practice: professional development through attuned interactions, 2015, eds Miriam Landor, Hilary Kennedy and Liz Todd; Miriam Landor: ‘Preface’, ‘How and why VERP works’ and co-authored Introduction. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Video Interaction Guidance: a relationship-based intervention to promote attunement, empathy and well-being, 2011, Hilary Kennedy, Miriam Landor and Liz Todd; Miriam Landor co-authored chapters on ‘Video FeedForward’ and on ‘Video Interaction Guidance and mindfulness’. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • ‘VIG in Scottish schools’. Jansen, H. (ed.) 2011 Verbondenheid in beeld – 10 jaar School Video Interactie Begeleiding, Retro Perspectief Volume 3. Amersfoort: Uitgeverij Agiel

Refereed journal papers

  • Landor, M. (March 2011) ‘Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Perceptions of recently-qualified educational psychologists on the effectiveness and impact of their Masters level research.’ Educational Psychology in Practice.
  • Kennedy, H.A., Landor, M. and Todd, L (September 2010) ‘Video Interaction Guidance as a method to promote secure attachment’. Educational and Child Psychology – special issue on attachment.
  • Landor, M., Lauchlan, F., Carrigan, D., & Kennedy, H. (2007). ‘Feeding back the results of dynamic assessment to the child’. Advances in Speech-Language Pathology, 9(4), 346-353.

Conference organisation / papers

  • June 2016 Conference, International Society for Early Intervention (ISEI), Stockholm. Paper: Video Interaction Guidance Applied to a 18-Month-Old Boy With a Mild Feeding Disorder and his Mother Dr Kornilia Hatzinikolaou and Miriam Landor
  • Organised Newcastle 2014 International Research Conference on Video Enhanced Reflective Practice
  • Newcastle 2011 DECP Annual Development Event (symposium: Educational Psychologists working in Video Interaction Guidance: New possibilities for creative relationship work. Paper: VIG and mindfulness: Attuned interaction in the present moment
  • Dundee 2009 Video Interaction Guidance IRC Video Feedforward for change: transitions towards a preferred future
  • Stavanger 2008 EECERA (European Early Childhood Education Research Association) 18th Annual Conference Reconsidering the basics in Early Childhood Education (symposium: For West Lothian’s Children: A Scottish Authority’s Response to Improving Educational Outcomes for Looked After Children. Paper: Delivering Early Intervention through Adult Learning and Professional Development
  • Prague 2007 EECERA 17th Annual Conference Exploring Vygotsky’s ideas: crossing borders (symposium: Video Interaction Guidance. An Effective Intervention based on Vygotskian Principles. Paper: An Exploration of the Perceived Effects of Giving Verbal and Video Feedback to the Child, Following Dynamic Assessment
  • Miriam has also presented workshops on several occasions at SDEP / ASPEP annual conference Heriot Watt; e.g. 2009 Circles of Resilience; 2010 Writing for publication.

Journal editorial

  • Attuned Interactions (e-journal for the VIG community). Founder; lead editor (current)
  • Educational Psychology in Scotland (journal of Scottish Division of Educational Psychology. Editorial board; lead editor (previous) 

Miriam has also published many book reviews for The Psychologist and other professional journals.