Training and Supervision Fees

Training to become a VIG guider consists of the Initial Training Course (2 days or 4 half-days) followed by supervised practice.  VIG Supervisors are accredited by the Association of Video Interaction Guidance, who provide all training material and lay down criteria and standards. Group sizes for the ITC are kept low in order to maximise individual learning.

VIG Orkney supervisors are all AVIGuk-accredited; Miriam Landor, VIG Orkney leader, is one of only 22 National Supervisors, and was a member of the AVIGuk Board of Directors. 

As well as supervising trainees throughout Scotland, Miriam specialises in Distance Learning methods for VIG training.  Following a face-to-face ITC, the rest of the training can be completed through using platforms such as Skype or Zoom and Dropbox or Google docs. Trainees can either sign up to one of VIG Orkney’s existing ITCs, (see VIG Residential Courses in Orkney, Scotland), or enquire from  about setting up an ITC and supervision in your own location, wherever in the world you are.