Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP)

Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) is an approach to professional development that enhances attuned interactions through a specific way of using video reflection. It is based on the same method, principles and values as VIG.

VERP participants micro-analyse video of their daily work practice to discover what they did that worked well, even if only momentarily, and what the impact of that moment was. With the support of an AVIGuk-accredited VIG guider they then reflect how they can build on their strengths in these attuned interactions, which are at the heart of all relationships whether personal or professional. They set their own goals and are empowered to achieve them.

VERP can be delivered one to one or in small groups. A VERP programme is often built around a specific skill development programme – for example, early literacy development for nursery staff; management skills for investment bankers; caring skills for dementia staff; team communication skills for hospital ward rounds.

“By far the most helpful elements of the VERP process were the use of real video footage of me actively engaged in the process that I wanted to change, [and] the sessions with the VIG guider. These were very powerful in enabling self-reflection and consideration of strategies for improvement. The setting of individual objectives at the start of the process was another helpful element in that it created clarity around the purpose of the process and allowed for reflection on progress”  (p. 18 Video Enhanced Reflective Practice Kennedy Landor & Todd 2015).