Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is an intervention for improving communication within relationships. A qualified ‘VIG Guider’ uses brief video clips of the client's day-to-day situations. The aim is to engage clients actively in a process of change towards a better future in their relationships with important others.

The video clips are selected by the VIG Guider to show moments of ‘better-than-usual’ attunement, based on VIG’s Principles of Attuned Interactions and Guidance. By ‘attuned interactions’ we mean the kind of communication where people have a positive effect on each other by being sensitively receptive and responsive. The client reflects on these clips with the support of the VIG Guider and learns ‘what works best’ within their own personal style. This film made by Kent Educational Psychology Service (KEPS) shows how VIG can work in practice:

Here are some reflections from a trainee VIG guider, about what was only her second case: “In the second film there was a noticeable difference in the quality of their interaction… I think what she found helpful was being able to analyse the films in detail and name the different ways in which she was enabling Joe to feel heard, valued, respected and loved.” The client commented: “He’s been coming on really well since we’ve been doing all of this. I’m really proud of him – I’m also really proud of myself actually because I’ve moved along…” (p.33-4 Video Interaction Guidance Kennedy Landor & Todd 2011).