miriam-landorMiriam Landor began ‘VIG Orkney’ to combine her passion for Video Interaction Guidance and for the Orkney Islands where she has made her home. At the heart of VIG Orkney are the Orkney Residential Initial Training Courses in VIG, which offer a fully accredited training programme spread over a week with plentiful opportunity for exploring the beautiful Orkney Islands

Miriam’s background is in education – first as a teacher, specialising in early years and additional support needs, then as an educational psychologist, university lecturer and writer / editor. She is a National Supervisor and Trainer with the Association of Video Interaction Guidance UK (AVIGuk)

Miriam’s work in VIG supervision and training takes her all over the world; she has delivered VIG Initial Training Courses in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Greece and Hong Kong for example. Her trainees come from near and far – from Orkney to Argentina.

Her network of partners with whom she co-delivers training and special projects have backgrounds in a wide range of services and agencies – medical anthropology, behaviour support, neuropsychology, social work, speech and language therapy, the voluntary sector, independent practice, to name a few.