The following testimonials were provided by attendees at recent VIG residential courses in Stromness, Orkney.

VIG Initial Training Course

“Thank you Miriam for introducing VIG in such an engaging and pleasant course. I felt we all had the chance to explore the VIG principles and extend our understanding and assumptions using each other’s experiences.”

“…the course has given me the chance to deepen on the principles and the methodology as well as to answer all the questions that came up… Looking at real videos and being videoed has also been a very good way to get a better understanding of what it is about, and have a more practical view of it.”

“Mim’s (Miriam Landor) passion for VIG is contagious. She carefully interspersed knowledge sharing with experiences of role play and reflective practice.”

“This is one of the most interesting and enjoyable training I’ve been on. Loved the friendly and relaxed style. Loved seeing example videos. Loved the course content – not too complex and easy to follow. Love the non-judgemental attitude VIG encompasses and which I experienced on the training.”

 “Mim is an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable trainer who makes it all seem achievable. Made me want more!”

“Sad that this week is coming to an end.  I came on the course out of interest with a mind to possibly continue with the training in the future but am feeling very inspired and excited about its potential. I really want to continue and I feel it will help me also in my practice and confidence.”

“…format and development of the course clear and easy to understand and process… The atmosphere was very accepting and inclusive of contributions from members…”

“I liked the fact it was spread over four mornings as this allowed much more time to process everything and reflect before moving on to the next stage. It also meant I returned for the next session refreshed and ready to learn more.”

“I liked the course very much: the pacing was good, the balance of talk, slides and participation was good, the trainer demonstrated attunement principles all the time…”

“The course content was provided in a very experiential manner, using a process that all participants seemed to respond well to…  skilled presenter and group facilitator… learning processes that allowed us to move quickly and confidently in a very safe environment…”

“…the balance between the underpinning theory and practical application was very good…  I found the use of genuine videos of interactions particularly helpful and was able to achieve a high level of concentration because the material was so real and immediate. It was useful to follow through the five videos in sustained analysis, role play and editing and to apply the principles to these real situations.”

Accommodation and food

“The venue was ideal.”

“I enjoyed very much sharing meals (so good by the way) and this amazing house.”

“Brilliant setting! I felt like I was on holiday while training. Comfortable and luxurious.”

“Thank you for your nurturance Mim. You went above and beyond expectations. I truly thank you.”

“Exquisite location. Could not ask for anything better in terms of views, areas to meet, relax and have time to self.”

“Wonderful setting – loved being in this house ….”

“So well fed! Amazing range and quality – local produce, much appreciated & packed lunches allowed for remote exploration!”

“I felt so pampered and well looked after! Delicious meals and so thoughtful with the packed lunches.”

“I really enjoyed your baking Mim – it felt like a thoughtful and caring touch.”

…evenings where we gathered for food enriched the course and the food was delicious.

…accommodation and general Orkney experience surpassed all expectations. The cottage was really comfortable and very well equipped and having our wonderful hostess there made it all an even better experience. Not having to think about food or cooking was such a bonus and helped enormously with the relaxation of the week. I can’t think of a better environment to be in to learn and process new skills and thinking. I felt really looked after and nourished on all levels. 

…cooking was excellent.

…words truly can’t express how perfect the accommodation and food were. The pacing of the course, the meditation/ yoga course, the cottage by the sea and the delicious, nutritious home-cooked meals really allowed me to retreat from my busy, hectic life at home for a full week. As a result my learnings were enhanced.  … went out of her way to ensure that my special needs were well met. Her sourdough rye and seed bread was one of the best breads I’ve ever had!!

The Orkney experience

“The whole experience of the setting and Orkney has been wonderful.”

“I would highly recommend this course in the wonderful setting of Orkney.”

What an amazing opportunity! From the moment that Mim (Miriam Landor) picked me up from the airport she proudly shared interesting information about the landmarks we passed. She offered great suggestions for activities that would interest… – from shopping to touring to exploring. The agriculture and sea food from Orkney were featured throughout the week. Yum!! … Staying right on the sea in such a beautiful place – the sights, sounds, smells, flavours and textures. Retreating for a full week in Orkney.

“Sad to leave. Hope we remain connected both with Mim and the Orkney VIG community.”

“Thanks so much for offering partners to come along.  – D was so enamoured of the venue / accommodation & the setting & the sight seeing opportunities.”

It was great to have such a mixture of far travelled participants here in Orkney.

…discovering Orkney too, which now has a piece of my heart! I will never forget this.

What did you learn?

“Being part of a small group has been very valuable because I have had the chance to learn from others and also space to participate a lot.”

“Miriam provided a nurturing environment in which we could all learn and develop our understanding of VIG.”

“Miriam is a generous, thoughtful and attuned leader whose passion for VIG is contagious. I am very much looking forward to practising my skills and experiencing the impact that VIG can have.”

I learned that often the biggest opportunities for change lay in the tiniest of moments and to use senses fully in tuning into clients’ worlds. (Attuning).

I learned again of the importance of the principles of attunement to all my interactions even when I am not doing VIG work.

I learned a very powerful way to use video to support attuned relationships and change. It surprised me to see how simple the actual concepts are for video selection and review. It excites me to realize how well this tool will fit into my toolbox – and the power it offers.

I noticed how difficult it is to focus entirely on positive aspects of interactions, and to pinpoint why some aspects of interactions are positive. It is usually easy enough to find something ‘nice’ to say to people but harder to identify why a particular action or interaction worked. The principles and guidance are very helpful in this respect and obviously it was hugely helpful to analyse real videos in this way. It is surprising how brief some of the most positive aspects of interactions are – a glance, a change in tone, one kind word etc. … noticed how difficult it is to take in all aspects of interaction at once e.g to listen actively, to observe body language, to observe more than one individual at once etc. The advantage of video is the opportunity to go over and over the recording and analyse different aspects of the interaction.