Our values and beliefs

Our Values1
RespectTrustHopeCompassion Co-operation AppreciationConnections Empathy
Our beliefs2
  • Everybody is doing the best they can at the time
  • All people, even in adverse situations, have the capacity to change
  • People have an innate desire to connect with others
  • People must be actively involved in their own change process
  • Affirmation and appreciation of strengths is the key to supporting change
  • Recognition and empathetic regard for what people are managing builds trust
  1. The size of the words in rows “Values and Beliefs …, Respect… Trust … Hope” signifies the ranking of 52 AVIGuk Supervisors with respect to their views of the importance of short-listed VIGVERP values in January 2014.
  2. The beliefs statements have been adapted from SPIN (The Netherlands) 1990 originals. They were debated by AVIGuk Supervisors in meetings and by discussion forum over the Autumn of 2013.